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Don Gordan

BSc (Hons) NS / BSEM / AHCP / FHT

Don graduated with a degree qualification in nutritional science from the Centre of Nutrition and Lifestyle Management School (CNELM). Don is our in-house ‘Gut Guru’! His extensive knowledge in a wide range of holistic disciplines and wellness including fasting, food intolerance and sensitivity testing. Don enjoys sharing research projects and best ideas with top experts in their fields and is a published author and researcher. 

He is able to help you reach your health goals through implementing good daily habits and helping you to understand the right foods for you. Don is looking for a healthy gut microbome for all and in turn accelerates the well-being of a client. There is more to nutrition then calories in and calories out, it is about nourishing the body.

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Don offers intolerance testing as a service which can be carried out Nationality and Zoom consultations can be done from anywhere in the World.

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Book by appointment only in person or Zoom - 7 days a week

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Attention to detail, Dry sense of humour, Super cook, Beetroot cake delivery man

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