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Us folk at The Family Health Hub are a passionate team of professionals who care for the well-being and happiness of our patients! We’re dedicated to providing evidence-based, well-being treatment from a team of specialists who are experts in their field, right in the heart of Gidea Park, Essex.

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The Family Health Hub Gidea Park Essex

Rehabilitation & Spinal Therapist, Founder & Owner

“Creating this space where patients and the team felt they were valued and listened to was important part of this journey for me. It should feel like home, a place where we can build on trust and a great working patient relationship for the families we see.”


Osteopath & Medical Acupuncturist

“I have the privilege of working in the most tranquil clinic with a group of wonderful people. As a team we collaborate to provide quality care that allows you to reach optimal health.”


Massage Therapist



Podiatrist & Chiropodist

“It’s great being part of the team, we look after each other and together we cater to our patient’s well being to improve the quality of life in a beautiful, relaxed and caring environment.’’


Podiatrist & Chiropodist

“I love working in a lovely practice within a multidisciplinary team in a friendly environment. Seeing patients on a routine basis building on 10 years+ relationship, I love doing it.’’


Nutritional Therapist, ''The Gut Guru''

“Working as part of a multidisciplinary team allows me to grow in my own practice and I love being able to serve the community in a holistic and uplifting way as part of this wonderful team.”


Manager & Receptionist

“It’s an amazing place to work, I love the team. I continually get to meet lovely people each and every day whilst being in a relaxing environment, it never feels like work.”



“I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and the practice, it is a fun place to work, I am forever learning as no day is the same, always diving into the next project and enjoying everyday.”

Virtual Assistant

We’re always here to give you help online, to answer enquiries, feel free to use our contact page to do just that, send us a web enquiry or contact us via our social media. and George will be around to help!

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Professionals We Recommend
Marcia Lansiquot

Adult Counsellor

Specialising in Addictions, Abuse, and Anxiety. Registered Member of BACP [386872]

Nicola Greenwood

Children & Young Person’s Counsellor

Works with people ages 5 years and upwards. She is a Registered Member of BACP [337402]

Be Superhuman

cryotherapy, red-light therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therap, ivv therapy

We are health optimisation centre with a mission to help optimise health by using cutting-edge modalities and services that suit the needs of every individual.

Unlocking Language

Gemma - speech & Language therapist

Gemma from Unlocking Language is a private speech and language therapist who has expertise in, speech, language, communication, voice and ‘swallowing disorders. 

Hidden Hearing

ALEX - audiologist

Alex from Hidden Hearing is a hearing loss and hearing care audiologist. She provides FREE HEARING TESTS – Quote “BBHO-1” every other Wednesday at The Hub.

Our General Clinic FAQs

Yes, there is parking straight outside, completely free.

We are a 15 minute walk from Gidea Park Station which is a 30 minutes from Liverpool Street or 22 minutes from Stratford International or a faster train is quicker.

The best way to book is by telephone. Our reception is covered 9-3 pm most days. We don’t always have someone at reception due to holidays etc and sometimes our therapists are working with their patients alone so it would be difficult to give the necessary time for walk-ins. Where possible we ask for you to call to arrange an appointment and pay your fee, or book a free discovery call.

If you or someone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive we would ask that you cancel your appointment and re-book when you are symptom-free, testing negative or the person in your household has tested negative.

Masks are not required, unless you are a Podiatry patient then Anita and Manjit our Podiatrists would ask for you to wear a mask in the treatment room (as will they) only due to the nature of some of their work. If you seeing one of our other and you would like your practitioner to wear a mask, it is not a problem, please do let them know at the time. A sanitisation pump is available at the front desk, we ask for you to sanitise your hands before going through to your appointment. Please arrive on time or no more than 15 minutes earlier to your appointment, alone unless a parent or guardian is required.

In order to cancel or rearrange your appointment please only call on 01708 782 026 or text or call the clinic mobile on 07702 809 505.

There is a cancellation fee of £25.00 after 48 hours, cancellation on the day or a failure to attend there will be a full value of your treatment charged. We do not routinely check our emails, Facebook, or Instagram so please do not contact us about changing your appointment via those channels.

We understand emergencies arise but with little to any notice, it is difficult for us to contact patients on our waiting list to offer the available slot and to, in turn, be available. Giving us 48 hours allows the front of the house to make the relevant changes to our practitioner’s diaries. Each and every missed appointment does have an impact on us.

For Podiatry patients please contact our dedicated Podiatry Line on 01708 728 498 / 07915 245 636. Podiatry patients it is 4 days cancellation notice.

Our cancellation policy is also in the confirmation email that will be sent upon booking an appointment.

We have a no shoe policy, if you have bear feet please bring socks with you. There is a tray and shoe rack by the door to place your shoes into when you arrive.

Yes of course, this is available for all our services except for Podiatry. Our vouchers are printed on thick card, of a business card size popped into a high quality black envelope, it can easily be kept in a purse or a wallet and has a 6 month expiry. During Christmas time we offer these vouchers in the same format within a large Bauble and velvet ribbon option. There is no extra charge for our standard vouchers but there is a £4.50 charge for our beautiful Christmas Baubles which will be out from the 4th of November. It is best to call in and one of the team will go through options and pricing. A voucher can be collected on the same day or it can be picked up at your next appointment with us. 

Unfortunately, the only service we carry out at patients homes is Podiatry with Manjit specifically for housebound patients. To make relevant enquiries please contact the dedicated Podiatry line on 01708 728 498 / 07915 245 636 where we can answer any questions you may have.

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