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The Family Health Hub provides evidence-based, well-being treatment for mental and physical pain in the heart of Gidea Park. We specialise in spinal therapy, manual manipulation, massage therapy, nutritional consulting, small group exercise classes (Tirapy) and counselling services. Helping you to live your best life.

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When is the last time someone truly listened to all your health concerns and guided you, with experience and expertise, on the path to greater vibrancy, energy, and wellness?
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Helping the Community

The Family Health Hub have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people to help them reach their optimal physical and mental goals. Our patients range from as young as 2 to the eldest who is 85. Helping local businesses and charities to spread the word of optimum health and happiness.

Getting Results

We aims to get to the root of the problem and your symptoms. We provide you with the knowledge to look after yourself at home and give you realistic ‘homework’ to achieve your full potential. We always ask your goals, during your first visit to understand where we need to be, what you want to achieve.

Frequently asked questions for Physical Therapy

Should you have any questions related to our health care services, billing methods, treatment plan, disease diagnosis, etc. please contact us for more info.
01. Will I need a consultation before my appointment?
A consultation would be highly recommended in order to get the best from your care programme. The consultation will establish the cause of the problem and the best possible strategy to reach your optimum health. We only provide sports and deep tissue massage without a consultation.
02. How many treatments will I need?
People recover at different rates but during the consultation from past experiences we will give you an idea of how long the road to recovery will take. Certainly, changing your diet and lifestyle habits can help to contribute to the speed and quality of which you repair. We will always take steps to re-evaluate as we go to assess whether you are on the right track.
03. How long after my first treatment will I start to feel better?
This varies on a case by case basis. Our patients will be given advice and changes to implement at home, this is crucial to feeling better quicker. The misconception a lot of the time is that you should feel worse before you get better, at The Hub we do not believe in this and you should be feeling the benefits straight after the session.
04. What is a complimentary pillow check?
Your practitioner will ask you to bring your pillow at your next visit. The average sleep is 6-8 hours so why rest on a pillow that is not right for you? The FREE pillow check is available to all of our patients, even if your symptoms are not related to your neck, shoulder or back. At the Hub our focus is preventative care!
05. What is a complimentary car posture check?
We will ask you about the car you have arrived in, and if it is the car that you spend most of your time in. Some people drive for a living or in general need to drive more often than not, assessing your seating position and making adaptations can help with the general alignment of your joints. It does not need to be spinal related it could be the positioning of your hip, knee or ankle.
06. What is a complimentary work posture check?
As you can imagine we cannot visit every patient’s place of work to see how they sit. What we can do though is ask you to email in photos of the way you sit at work. We would ask that you ask a colleague to take certain angled photos of you naturally sitting at work. We will then draw the angulation and lines as to where you should be, as opposed to where you are. Some places of work provide desk place assessments but have not tested your joints, spine or muscles. We do, therefore we can assist you in correctly adapting your seating position according to the findings from your first appointment.
07. I do not think I can afford this?
Almost everyone is concerned with the cost of private care. We offer a pay as you go service and do not tie you into packages or convince you to purchase them, because we don’t need to. That being said, we do offer pre-paid packages that can help reduce the overall cost. We are certain that our patients will see the benefits from ongoing care and appointments, because we are good at what we do. Whatever your budget, we will make progression and help you. At the Hub, we understand the importance of making big decisions so we suggest speaking to your close ones. Better yet, bring them with you to your next appointment. If you put decisions about improving your well being, often people will not start care and the problem can worsen.
08. I have already seen someone for this, why would this be any different?
All practitioners evaluate each person’s case differently. During your consultation, we will let you know if we are able to help and give you the best possible care, if on the rare occasion we do not feel we can help you, we will always refer you to another practitioner. As we would not want to waste your time.

We help other medical professionals

Are you a Doctor, Dentist, Surgeon, Consultant? We understand the importance of healthcare as we ourselves work within the field but often there are time’s may neglect seeing someone for our own health and don’t know where to turn to. At The Hub we advocate practicing what we tell our patients and clients to do on a regular basis so let us help you!

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