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Osteopathy is a way of identifying, preventing, and treating health problems by moving, stretching, aligning and adjusting a person’s muscles and joints to reduce pain and gain freedom of movement. In some cases, Osteopathy combined with Medical Acupuncture would be recommended to achieve the best results.

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Visit to the Hub is by appointment only. Please call our reception to book an appointment. Free Parking directly outside and wheelchair accessibility

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What can osteopathy help with?

What to expect during your first visit...


Prior to your visit you would have received a confirmation of your appointment both via email and text message, along with our policies, what to bring and expect. Forms are sent online, so that you can take your time and fill them out with a full medical history and of the present problem. This saves time during the face to face consultation as the person you are seeing will view your consultation before your appointment. It will leave more time for your hands-on assessment and treatment. We will welcome you at reception and when your therapist is ready they will invite you to our treatment room.


During the consultation we will ask you further questions from your medical form to establish the root cause of the problem. We will then visually assess and carry out a hands on assessment and testing. We will give you a Diagnosis if a diagnosis is present. If during the consultation we feel it would be beneficial to refer the case to another medical professional i.e your GP then we will let you know at the time.


According to the answers given during your consultation and the findings from your hands on assessment your therapist will begin treatment straight away using a combination of methods entirely suited to you, so that you get the best quality treatment, getting you better and improving your life as quickly as we can.

Who can carry out your treatment?

Osteopath & Medical Acupuncturist


Consultation, Assessment & Osteopathy treatment

£ 80
  • Consultation
  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • 60 Minutes
  • pre-payment required on all new patient appointments
  • consultation forms are sent online to fill prior to your appointment to save more time for hands-on assessment and treatment

follow up osteopathy session

£ 52
  • Review
  • Treatment
  • 30 Minutes
  • includes all modalities, KT tape, laser, neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Does not include Medical Acupuncture

follow up osteopathy session - extended

£ 67
  • Review
  • Treatment
  • 45 Minutes
  • includes all modalities, best option for chronic and multi-injuries

emergency NEW PATIENT appt
WITHIN 72 hours

£ 100
  • Seen within 72 hours before or after shift or during lunch break where possible
  • includes treatment
  • 60 Minutes
  • pre-payment required on all new patient appointments
  • consultation forms are sent online to fill prior to your appointment to save more time for hands-on assessment and treatment

Kind Words


We would ask you to call reception and ask to be booked in for a free 10 minutes consultation with one of our specialists. They will pick the relevant person from some of the keywords that you say. You will be given an allotted time and date (usually same day or the next working day) where one of our experts will go through the history of your symptoms, any previous medical history that may possibly be linked to this problem, what you have already done to help the area, who you potentially have already seen, then give our opinion as to whether we have experience in treating this condition/problem. We will go through roughly what we would look at if you were to come in and see us, and what to expect. If the expert you are on the phone with feels another member of the team is better suited to treating you they will refer you, should you wish to book the relevant person to book in with.