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Foot problems are debilitating, reduce mobility and can cause a lack of confidence. 
Some problems we treat are: corns, hard skin, cracked heels, verrucae. thick, unmanageable, deconditioned and fungal nails. Ingrown nails, nail surgery and nail reconstruction. We use laser for a range of conditions including fungal nails. Using 3D pressure motion scanning technology, orthotics and footwear analysis we can assess and treat ankle, heel, arch and toe pain. 
We aim to improve the quality of your life! Please reach out to us.

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We love helping your feet feel and look great!

With over 60 years of experience between our 2 team of podiatrists, we provide podiatric foot health services to the community for a variety of conditions from skin, nail and foot problems from the simple to the complex cases for all ages. The relief we can provide from discomfort is immensely rewarding. Pain can cause anxiety, loss of independence and immobility. Podiatry duo work is immensely gratifying because many podiatry treatments lead to immediate relief.  With that in mind we deliver the best service and treatments with care and compassion with the overall aim of treating and preventing problems to improve the quality of your life so you can get back to doing all the things you love doing!

Useful information before you get started

What can we treat?

If it’s on your foot, we can assess, treat or refer you on if needed. 

Skin problems – corns, calluses, cracked heels, fissures, excessively dry or sweaty skin, blisters. 

Infections - verruca, warts, athletes’ foot/ fungal skin infections, abscesses, and ulcers 

Wounds – punctures, splinters and foreign bodies 

Nails – Thick, discoloured, unmanageable, deconditioned and fungal nails 

Ingrown nail management and nail surgery carried out on-site to cure chronic ingrown and involuted nails 

Five-minute fungal nail test to establish whether a fungal a nail infection is present, quick and simple with no waiting for results 

Toenail reconstruction to protect a vulnerable or exposed nail bed and for unsightly, damaged or fungal nails 

Care for high-risk feet such as diabetics to prevent major problems and keep vulnerable feet comfortable 

Biomechanics – Plantar fasciitis/ heel pain.  Pain in the back, hips, knee, lower leg, ankle, arch and forefoot. Tendonitis, bunions , hammer / claw toes, Morton’s neuroma, unequal leg or foot length   

We use leading foot pressure analysis technology to assess your foot posture and walking pattern to prescribe insoles and orthoses including 3D custom printed orthotics / insoles to create the best footprint to help your feet work better, resolve pain, improve shoe fit and reduce the risk of injury. 

Footwear analysis and advice 

At home rehabilitation coaching and advice 

Class 3b cold laser therapy as part of management plans for fungal nails, verrucae, wound healing, pain, arthritis and neurological pain 

Routine foot care  Prevention is always best! You don’t need to have pain or dysfunction to benefit from a podiatry treatment for your nails and skin. 

What to expect during your first visit...




new patients

£ 65

REturning patients

£ 50-65

diabetic Treatment

£ 65

Nail surgery

£ 600

Fungal nail test

£ 50

Foot scanning

£ 167

off the peg ort

£ 80

Custom 3D Printed Orthotics

£ 320

Who can carry out your treatment?



Kind Words


Yes, treatment can look different in all forms, it could be hands-on treatment or aftercare advice and information. Often, with most common such as verruca’s, corns, and ingrowing toenails you will be given hands-on treatment at your first appointment.

Yes, including babies.

With over 60 years combined experience combined Anita and Manjit have lots of experience in seeing nervous and anxious patients or those who are embarrassed about their feet. There is nothing they have not seen or witnessed, they will support and guide you with their gentle and caring nature to resolve the matter for you, everything will be explained prior to doing this so please let your podiatrist know of your worries.

No, you don’t. We don’t do pedicures. However, preventative foot care and advice and information on how to look after the skin and the nails. Luxury podiatry is hands-on skin and nail care, how to cut and cut for you, and what are the best products to use on the nails and the skin. We use high-end, nourishing products such as foot masks and heated booties along with a mini foot massage which is a 1-hour appointment. Great for arthritic feet.