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Payal Patel

Rehabilitation & Spinal Therapist | Founder – Owner

BSc (Hons) GSR / Grad Dip Man Ther (Hons)

Payal graduated from St Mary’s University with a Degree is Rehabilitation Therapy in 2011. After graduating Payal studied in Harley Street to gain her Diploma in Spinal Manipulation where she further specialised in back injuries, spinal pain, pre and post-operative knee and hip replacements. Although her training involved working on sports injuries, ankle sprains, and trauma-based injuries. Payal’s main focus and passion is to help the local community with everyday aches and pains.


Payal: ”Life is hard enough without waking up or going to sleep with aches and pains. I love helping everyday people to continue doing what they love and achieve possibilities they never thought they could. For some that might be simply waking up without pain, for others it could be playing with their grandchildren.”

Our Mission: ”Imagine your world free from physical limitations and mental holds. At The Family Health Hub, our burning desire is to create just that for our local community. We are passionate about identifying and elimating the root cause of pain and discomfort where you spend all of your time. Your body. With our experts in Osteopathy, Spinal Health and Medical Acupuncture guiding you the entire way. Coupled with our compassionate consultancy in Podiatry and Gut Health Nutrition, helping families inside and out, top to toe – all encompassing. Enabling families to live their best life, in a state of peaceful happiness.”

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