Happy people talk about us

I wish to thank you for using your physio skills to help reduce the aches I experienced in my right need area recently. You delivered an excellent service with right level of professionalism.

Payal has unbelievable strength; skills and knowledge of investigation the root course of the ache and then applied appropriate method of dealing with the affected area.

Also, she ensured that she followed up as appropriate ensuring that I was comfortable throughout my treatment and afterwards.

I’m as good as new now and will definitely recommend you to my family and friends in the future.

Thank you very much & God bless

John Gard

This is the second time you have but me back together.

The first was a shoulder injury which with a course of physio, low level laser and Exercise you soon have me back to normal.

This last episode however was a different story, as I badly hurt my back and the doctors said I would have to live with it, prescribed painkillers and put me on a 2 month waiting list for Physio.

At the time I didn’t know you did skeletal work, and ask you for a recommendation of someone, as after waiting for over a month for the NHS it was getting worse, and I could not put up with it any longer.

When you said you could help I was overjoyed. With dedication you have put me back on my feet and taken away the pain. You even told me to keep my NHS Physio appointment and let you know how it went.

There was no comparison to the level of care given by you. After waiting 2 months all they did was give me a sheet of paper with exercises, on and tell me to come back in 2 weeks. I never went back and thanks to you I am now fully functioning and running my business.

I am so thankful to you and extol your virtues to anyone that will listen.


You are a lifesaver

Diane tyrrell

Thank you so much for the treatments received this year. Your laser therapy has been very Calming and beneficial.

Your approach to work is very professional yet friendly. The treatment were carried out to a very high standard of expertise and left me walking on air when I left.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to colleagues, friends and family.

Thank you so much

John Williams

I would like to thank you for the excellent treatment I have received in the past few weeks. Prior to visiting you I was suffering with constant pain in my lower back, shoulder and neck which resulted in severe headaches.

After just three visits to you I am now totally pain free and in conjunction with the regular exercises you have recommended I am confident that this condition will not continue.

You are totally dedicated, professional and caring and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your services to everyone I know.

Liz Ellett

I am an ageing lady decorator who used to live with constant nagging lower back pain and stiffness which usually woke me up in the small hours of the night and not allows me to back to sleep again but not anymore.

Thanks to the recommendation of my son Mark Ellett I visited Payal not expecting to get much relief, but after the initial 3 or 4 weeks visits for therapy I now sleep like a baby it’s great.

I was so impressed I recommended her to my husband Clive and she has worked wonders with his dodgy knee and back.

Her professional and friendly help and advice has been so worth the 70 mile round trip I make to visit her, now just once a month.


I was extremely lucky to be allocated you as a physiotherapist as a result of a gym injury.

The impact of injury and stressful job was causing me significant pain. From the outset I found thoroughly professional whilst showing care and consideration to my needs. You area always listening carefully to my issues and work in the area needed with exceptional skill.

Payal, your friendly approach and skilful work has certainly made me recommend your service to friends and family.

Jeremy Freedman
Jeremy Freedman

I wanted to give you this testimonial to express my gratitude for the care that you have shown me over the years or so that I have been coming to you for your specialist treatment.

I have had over the years many treatments for my back from physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractic’s. I know what is good and what is not. Suffice to say you are amazing.

You are caring thorough impressive in your knowledge and feel you have made a real difference in my recovery, where no other practitioners has helped before.

Your fingers of steel have truly made difference.

I hope told many people and your company about your qualities and recommend you to all that will listen.

Jason King
Jason King

I have been using your services (as have my parents) on and off when needed for years. Until recently When I injured my back quite badly and was unable to move or stand on my own. Rather than go to A&E, I called you and wasn’t let down initially you advised me over the phone on how to manage the pain and start healing, then as soon as you could you came to my house to treat me and literally got me walking again ( with the help of nanny Patels Zimmer frame)

As mentioned, I have already recommended you to family members and will continue to recommend you to anyone who may need your help. I am so thankful for all the work you have done to fix my recent back injury and get me back to work feeling strong and fit again.


I would like to recognise you for your efforts on behalf a few of my family and colleagues.

In particular I would like to thank you for the support you have given my father. Years of heavy lifting from working in construction have taken its toll on his back which recently resulted in him missing a few weeks out of work. I then asked for your assistance because he needed help fast. You have treated him a few times now and he is seeing considerable improvement, this has led to him not missing a day at work since .

Also on the behalf of the members at the QuickStart Wellness Centre Hornchurch we would like to thank you for the treatments you have performed so far. Everyone has had a great experience and are in much better condition.

One thing I noticed with yourself is you like to educate clients alongside giving treatment. Basic anatomy shows them points where they need to address and improve. This alongside the exercises you give them and regular follow ensures results.

Because of your great work I would be more than happy to recommend your services to family, friends and other contacts. Also from the QuickStart Wellness Centre we will be recommending your services to all members and clients.