Patrick Mahbeer

Massage Therapist


Itech (Dip)
LSSM (Dip)


Massage is different to each individual person. It depends on the result you want to achieve, your job, your particular complaint and even your posture.

We come under the umbrella of bodyworkers that encompasses various therapists which all have their own speciality but the passion links in making someone feel well again.

Muscles, tendons and ligaments cause dysfunction in the body, in most cases causing pain. Massage is a powerful tool for injuries, rehabilitation and discomfort.

We use our bodies every single day, so why not maintain it? We provide a mini assessment and ‘fact find’ before our massages begin, this is to establish the best techniques and pressures to apply, so that our clients can gain optimal results from their first session without the soreness.

During each massage session, we take our time in committing our knowledge into practice for you.


30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes
Weekday & Weekend appointments available