Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Low Level Laser Therapy is a 'drug free' & pain free method for pain relief, tissue repair and healing.

Benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy may sometimes provide an effective alternative to surgery or medications—without accompanying side effects. It can help regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, and increase immunity, and research has shown its efficacy in treating many conditions, including:

Temporomandibular joint disorder
Traumatic brain injury
Rheumatoid arthritis
Treating injuries
Plantar fasciitis

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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a 'drug free' & pain free method for pain relief, tissue repair and healing. Whilst there are other brands providing LLLT, the Chattanooga range is a result of 100,000 hours of intensive research and development, bringing you the new standard in physical medicine modalities - moving rehabilitation forward.LLLT is the application of red and near infra-red laser over an injured area. With over thousands of randomised clinic trails published; LLLT energy is absorbed by the human body to increase cellular production, increasing the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair. LLLT is a great method of resolving swelling, inflammation and reducing pain. The best part of LLLT is that it is absolutely pain free and not harmful to the skin.

01. What are the benefits of low level laser therapy?
Clinical experience has shown that low-level laser therapy may be used for a number of conditions and issues, and that the benefits include: Growth factor response within cells and tissues due to increased ATP and protein synthesis. Pain relief as a result of increased endorphin and serotonin release.
02. Can low level laser therapy cause cancer?
Although it is unlikely that LLLT would induce de novo cancer development as there is no evidence that LLLT causes DNA damage, its effects on cellular proliferation have been the empiric basis for withholding treatment in cancer patients.
03. What does low level laser therapy do?
Cold laser therapy is low-intensity laser therapy that stimulates healing while using low levels of light. ... The level of light is low when compared to other forms of laser therapy, such as those used to destroy tumors and coagulate tissue. Surgical and aesthetic lasers heat the tissue being treated.
04. Is low level laser therapy safe?
Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is one of the safe and non-invasive methods which has recently attracted the attention of many researchers and specialists for treatment of KOA. ... The causes of these effects are not heat; like in surgery laser. The LLLT is used in many different diseases and mainly in pain control.

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