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Ayo Kozlovskij

MOst / DO / ND

Registration codes: GOSC 9396 BMAS 37243

Ayo graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy in 2016.

As an osteopath, she takes a patient-centered approach, meaning we aim to treat the individual rather than the condition. The goal is to work together with you to help you recover from pain or injury, achieve optimal health, and altogether have an improved quality of life.

When treating a patient, we not only consider the symptoms or injury but we also address other biological, physiological and social factors which may be contributing to it. She often combines osteopathic techniques with advice on exercises, ergonomics, dietary changes, and wellness strategies and along the way helps you to understand the problem and how to prevent it from recurring.

How Ayo treats cases:

It is very normal to see 5 different people on the same day, with the same complaint but end up using different methods when treating them. Ayo may use physical manipulation on one (clicking, cracking), medical acupuncture on the other, stretches, mobilisations, and massage, massage gun on another, or the use of a Low Level Laser Therapy machine, or all of the above. Every patient is different and responds to treatment differently.

Ayo: ”I moved out of the area 10 years ago to study Osteopathy and my life’s journey has brought me back to Romford. I have been working at the clinic since August 2020 and have been overwhelmed by how awesome the patients at the clinic are, the team at the Hub are brilliant and it’s been so nice to also come across and now treat old family, friends and teachers from my teenage years.”

Additional information

Please provide your insurance company with the below numbers to see Ayo: GOSC: 9396 BMAS: 37243

Ayo is covered by most major insurers, AXA, AVIVA, VITALITY, SIMPLY HEALTH, HEALTHSHIELD etc. We only have a certain number of AXA cases we take on per year so please call to find out if there are any allocations. We are currently NOT covered by BUPA but if you have been recommended to us and only want to see us speak to your BUPA provider.  

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